Upper Stretch

I could not resist the temptation to fish the Treasurer’s favorite pool. I walked down from Gascoyne Bridge and started fishing at 12.00. One or two Mayfly were on the water but only the odd fish was moving.

In the hour before lunch I had two or three splashy takes but none of the trout were firmly hooked. The sport did not really begin to pick up until 14.00 when the Mayfly appeared in dribs and drabs.

At first all of the trout that I caught were natives but eventually I did get into a trout fresh from Hooke Springs. These are in very good condition and as they are mostly over 1lb they put up quite a tussle before coming to the net.

As the afternoon progressed the hatch improved and by 16.00 a good number of fish were rising to the mayflies. By the time I packed away my rod I had landed two stock fish and lost a couple more. I did catch a fair number of wild trout but they were all on the small side and the largest was about 11 inches in length.