Warm at Last

12:30 Just nipped out for a couple of hours today and I decided to fish the Middle Water. As I walked downstream I didn’t notice any mayfly but a few fish were rising so I tied on an artifical mayfly (elk hair compara dun) and started. I was also suprised to see the river still quite coloured after 3 days of no rain.

You realise how spoilt we are during mayfly when after five casts you haven’t caught a fish and your wondering what’s wrong! But on sixth up came a small trout to settle my nerves 🙂

Around 1:30 a few mayfly started to appear and this brought on a the larger fish up to 14 inches. It was really nice to have the sun warming my back and although quite a strong breeze, a rather pleasant fish.

Blue Bridge looked wonderful in the sun.

Jim Chalmers: Today I fished from 1030 until 1730. I started in the middle stretch but unlike yesterday there were very few Mayfly about and only the odd fish was rising. After about an hour and only two small trout to show for my efforts I wandered down the Stinsford Sidestream. I saw no Mayfly or rising trout on the Stinsford but it was good exercise. By 1300 I had cut acroos to the lower stretch to below Long Bridge. One or two Mayfly were about and a few fish were rising. The Mayfly hatch increased to a trickle after 1400 and some reasonable sport was to be had from the stock fish. I must say that the stock fish are quite handsome and in marvellous condition. They are a credit to Hooke Springs Trout Farm. At 1600 I walked back up to the middle water to find quite a decent Mayfly hatch and a lot of fish moving. It was a complete contrast from earlier in the day. The wind had moderated, there was a bit of heat in the air and the best fishing was to be had after 1600. I caught and returned 8 fish. Most were modestly sized wild fish about 10 to 11 inches long. I returned two stock fish in the lower water. I saw three other members on the water.