Wasp Nests **Updated**

There is a wasp nest under Poundbury just upstream of Kelly’s bridge, true left bank – SY 68273 91288 and also on the upper water at – SY 67350 91990 again true left, just where you slide in….

**UPDATE** 3rd August – two more nests above 10-hatches
**UPDATE** 14th August – two more on the Lower Water
**UPDATE** 23th August – one more on the Middle Water

John Aplin

Upper Water Wasp Nest Location

Poundbury Wasp Nest Location
Middle Water Wasp Nest Location

Above 10 Hatches Wasp Nest No 1 Location
Above 10 Hatches Wasp Nest No 2 Location

Lower Water No 1 Location
Lower Water No 2 Location

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