Wet Sunday

I was due to walk a stretch of the coastal path today but the unexpected rain put a halt to that. There was no wind and this was the sort of rain I enjoy fishing in, so I put on my waterproofs and headed to the river.

I fished the Middle Water and as I tackled up I spotted a few hatching mayfly and a few pale wateries in the air, but no rising fish.

The rain increased and fishing the dry wasn’t really an option, so I tied on a partridge & orange to fish the fly in the surface film, I also greased a small section of my leader so I could see any takes.

It wasn’t long before my leader was straighten out by a small trout and for the next hour I enjoyed good sport catching trout and grayling.

The rain started to ease and time to switch to a dry fly; I decided that a larger fly may be the better bet, so I tied on a large GRHE and I caught two nice fish of around 12 inches under the trees, the rain started again so it was time to head home for the England match!

Partridge & Orange (size 16)

Very Bushy GRHE (size 14)