Willow Matress

And it rained and it rained, and by chance we had just completed our fabulous willow matress, just below Whitfield Hatches, made the whole structure flood proof, when the river came up and flooded it.

(I hope the weather is a little kinder for John G fishing in Poland this week)
Perfect, lots of silt being deposited into all this new woody structure.
One or two Mayfly about today and a few large Sedges, no fish, no sun and no vis for the fish, lots of coloured water after the last two days rain, I feel that we might be out of action for a day or two, but this bonus top up will certainly benefit the river over the next few months….
Good job that the mower worked over time at the weekend , sorry Adam for disturbing your peace!!!
Adding lots of cut willow to the matress in a rising river

Just finished wiring the structure as the water came up

Willow work on a smaller scale above the hatches two years ago