Will’s Day

Duffer in Paradise A beautiful sunny day was promised with just the lightest of breeze from the north-west. I made a leisurely start on the Upper Water at 9am, but despite plenty of insect life and quite a few Mayflies, there was not a sign of a rise anywhere for a couple of hours. Canon Greenwell’s old favourite managed to induce a few takes though, bringing a couple of half decent fish to the net. By late morning the Mayfly had built up and there were fish sipping in the struggling insects all over the place. Some nesting Grey Wagtails were making the most of the easy pickings to feed their chicks nearby. Time to tie on something appropriate, and almost immediately my next trout went airborne in a temper and shed the fly. I packed in just after mid-day after several more nice fish had been banked and safely returned – none greater than 12 inches, but all were certainly fit and feisty. Duffer’s fortnight? Probably. But paradise certainly, and a great privilege to be on such a beautiful river.
Will Bown