Young American

A young American (David Kuttner) who is studying in Rome came over for a days fishing on the Frome. I met him from the train and took him on a quick tour of Dorchester, but the lure of the river was too great and we were soon tackling up in Loders lay-by.

It was still early so we both started with a small nymph; David had great fun catching trout & grayling. I was first to switch to a dry when the grannom started to show and we were quickly enjoying catching rising fish; On one small riffle I caught over 8 fish without moving!

We fished up to Withy Bed where we stopped for lunch, this didn’t last long because the grannom were still hatching and fish still rising.

We fished right up to the Fishing Hut it was then time for him to catch the train, he had a great day and I’m sure he will be back..