Fishing the River Frome is a very mobile activity, so it is imperative to keep things simple and light.

A 8 ½ ft for a No. 4 line rod is the ideal, although this can be reduced in the summer months to a light 7 ft for a No. 3 line. I will let you decide on your favourite material for the rod, carbon fibre or split cane. Although I much prefer a good quality carbon fibre rod that allows me to punch the fly under over hanging trees and bridges.

Most fish will be landed without using the reel when fishing the Frome. But it is well worth purchasing a good quality reel, because you just never know when you are going to hook into a fish of a lifetime and it’s then a good reel, with quality drag system can be the difference in landing or loosing the fish!

The best option is to purchase a double-taper line, which by turning the line round when worn, gives you two lines for the price of one! The line colour is another personal choice, but I have never found any fish catching differences between light or dark coloured lines.

I have recently switched from using braided leaders to 9 ft tapered copolymer leaders and found the fish are spooked less with the clear line. I also tie on a tippet ring to the end of the leader and then attach a couple of foot of tippet material. This stops the leader from gradually reducing in length after changing your fly!
The strength depends on what fly you are using: 2 ½ to 3lb for every day fishing and rising to 6lb to help turn the large mayfly patterns.

Landing Net
These should be as light as possible and the actual net must be made with knotless mesh (National Byelaw).

Bag or vest
Whatever your choice, try not to carry more than you will actually need for a days fishing.

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Month Artificial Size
April GRHE 16
GRHE Grannom 16
May Black Gnat 16
Hawthorn 12
Mayfly – Grizzle Mayfly 10
Mayfly – Elk Hair Sparkle Dun 12
June GRHE 16
B.W.O Emerger 14
GRHE Spinner 12
July Sedge – Roman Moser – Delta Wing Sedge 12
GRHE Spinner 14
August Grayling Midge 20
Pale GRHE 16
September Grayling Midge 20
Daddy Long Legs 12