Automatic Fly Fishing Reel?

Our Chairman Bryan Sennett is after a loan of an automatic fly fishing reel for a fly fisher who has lost some mobility in his right arm after a stroke. If you do have one that he could borrow, please contact Bryan directly email : Bryan Sennett


  • Richard Illingworth says:

    I will keep my ear to the ground. My brother had a devastating stroke 20 years ago which took his right side and his speech. This situation has not changed other than his speech is stronger now. He decided to focus on “one handed fly fishing” and his automatic reel has been a god-send. He ties all his own flies (one handed!) and, without fishing as an outlet and occupational therapy, he would be lost. He is not really mobile enough for river fishing but is regularly out and about on still waters. With his assistance dog Bronte. Richard Illingworth

  • John Grindle says:

    Thank you Richard

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