Thanks for a great day

Hi John,

It was great to meet you yesterday.

Dad and I had fantastic day on the River. After we saw you at the top end we went back to the lower water to catch a few more. The results for the day were: Dad had 3 good trout to about 1.5lb and got stripped and broke by a powerful fish. I ended up with 7 trout up to 1 1/4lb and a really good grayling,see the photo, the fish was a bit camera shy!

As we walked back to the car we saw a bloody huge fish hanging in some shallow water just below metal footbridge. It was huge and seemed too big for a brown trout. I tried to take a picture but it spooked up stream into a hole. It looked about 3ft long and dark. It seemed too dark for a sea trout unless it had been in the river a while.

I am keen to book another day or so, is it best to wait until the late summer or does the river fish OK mid summer?

Thanks for a great day, we should go out in the boat sea angling sometime or you should pop up to Somerset for some pike on the fly.

Kind regards