40 years now….

We had a very enjoyable visit, and although there was no great rise, spinners from 4.00 to 6.00, and sedges from 7.00 to 10.00 kept us busy. I had a beauty of 18″ 300yds up from Bockhampton bridge at 9.45, safely returned.

I have known the DFC water for over 40 years now, and can just remember my grandfather soaking his gut casts! It is all too easy to remember the old days as better than now. While I have always loved the Frome at Dorchester, I genuinely thought yesterday that it goes from strength to strength, and I have never seen it look better, particularly the Lower water. Certainly my Grandfather’s fishing diaries would suggest that the fish are bigger now! But I feel the main improvement is with the balance struck between your beautifully mown paths, and the wild areas and trees being allowed to encroach in places to provide a very mixed habitat. Half the warbler population of Dorset must have been singing in the reed beds last night.

Please can you send me the necessary papers to get my name on the waiting list? There can’t be many better places to fish, and after my visits this year, a four hour round trip seems a small price to pay!