New Fence

April 1st – 2021

Great start to the season on the River Cerne and the Piddle beats, but the main river is still to wake from its winter snooze. Plenty of hatching grannom and olives bringing the fish to the surface. Shame the weather is about to change for the weekend, hopefully warmer weather isn’t too far away.

Work Continues

This year the river has dropped enough to enable work on the willow’s below Poundbury Fort. With John’s new winch, life is certainly a lot easier pulling huge limbs out of the river, before they are cut up.

Upper Water River Work

Even during lockdown work continues to prep the River ready for the start of the season. Sadly no work parties, they are permitted, but it has been decided to err on the side of caution. John Aplin and his small team have just completed work on the Upper Water, leaving one huge willow to winch …

COVID Work Parties

With current COVID restrictions and the need to control numbers, it was decided not to open this winters work parties to all Members – don’t worry we will be after plenty of volunteers next winter! This Friday, two small COVID compliant teams did sterling work, one on the Stinsford Side Stream and the other on …

AGM and Ladders

Our first and hopefully last online AGM was held last night and 24 Members attended, minutes will be sent out soon by the Honorary Secretary. One initiative the Chairman Bryan Sennett is keen to progress, is to install a few small ladders to allow access to and from a few steep sections. With this in …

River Work and Found Net

John Aplin and his team continue their work, this time on the Southover Beat on the River Piddle. They have also worked on the Upper Water where they found a landing net, if you have lost one, please contact John via his mobile: 07889 680464 or email:

COVID and River Work

It has been decided that work parties are put on hold, especially during the second lockdown. Hopefully in December a few Members will be allowed to help the Keeper, until then he will continue to work using his team of Kevin and Sunni. They have been busy tree clearing and so far they have done …

Open Access Land

With the increase of walkers along the river banks, Members should be aware that some of our water is within Open Access Land and the general public have every right to be there. The meadows from Dorchester/Charminster Road up to Cuckoo Pound, are Open Access Land. Above this and to Gascoyne Bridge is private land …