A decent grayling on a windy morning

A gusty wind, a dismal grey sky, and a soft drizzle greeted me as I arrived for a short session on the Lower Water this morning. With no fly visible and no rising fish, a nymph seemed the best choice. For an hour or more nothing could be found and tangles became a nuisance in the constant gusts.

A swan followed me a long way upstream, continually doing its best to get in the way. But at a bend, a nice run of deeper water looked hopeful, and also offered some shelter from the wind. The little nymph very soon found a nice big grayling tight in under some reeds, and although I was after trout, this was still a decent fish. But it objected to being photographed, and with a thrash, slipped out of my grasp and back into the river, disappearing with a swirl.

Two more grayling quickly followed from almost the same spot, and on the way down a couple of modest trout on some gravelly shallows liked the look of a small dry fly drifting over their heads. By then my time was up and I turned for home, typically just as the sky began to brighten from the west.


Decent august grayling

Flexibody nymph