A Decent Trout on a Gusty Morning

I found one trout early on this morning, but although a few more were rising to hatching grannom here and there, not one would accept anything I tried. The wind strengthened as the morning wore on and the gusts became more troublesome, making casting increasingly difficult. One trout under a tree looked like a good fish and was rising regularly, but once again my grannom patterns and every other I tried were refused.

During the winter I tied up a few more old patterns for fun, many of which fell out of favour long ago. One of these was known as the Leckford Professor, (still available from some suppliers) created by Ernie Mott, Head Keeper at the Leckford Fishery on the Test from 1945 to 1969. It’s reversed hackle design supposedly enabled it to be cast under overhanging branches. I tied up a few, not expecting to use them, but since nothing else would tempt this difficult trout I thought I would give it a go. I couldn’t get under the trees in the wind and the fly fell some way off target, but to my surprise the trout came for it and snatched it aggressively. After taking me some way downstream I eventually netted it out – and what a lovely fish it was. After being detained for a brief photo, off it went and I was left staring at the peculiar Leckford Professor, which apparently in its heyday was known affectionately by locals as the ‘Cow’s Arse’.

The simple tie uses two hackles at the bend (white and red) and a body of either rabbit or grey hare’s fur with silver wire or flat gold rib, depending on which reference source you use.

Will Bown

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