Amazing hatch of grannom

Arrived at the river around noon to find an amazing hatch of grannom!!

But the early excitement was soon to go as I realised that there were no fish rising to this free feast… I walked up the river carefully looking for rising fish, but there wasn’t one, not even a parr. I must have walked about 1/2 mile before I found a fish that was rising, thankfully it rose to my fly and I was soon releasing a lovely wild Frome brown…

John & Ben A. came along and we sat chatting for an hour sat on Mallam’s seat.. Hang on I was meant to be fishing, so I started just below the hatches and the trout were now rising – I caught and released 3 nice trout in the space of 10 minutes…



Spring is trying it’s best to break through the chill ! Walked the whole of the Piddle beat yesterday, not a rise to be seen anywhere but saw quite a few nice fish…..

Not much doing at Bockhampton until about mid afternoon today, when there was a good grannom hatch as the sun came out. It didn’t last long but long enough to pick up a fish or two, including this nice one. Haven’t seen anyone on my travels yet !

Richard Miller