April 1st 2009

Well I can’t imagine more perfect weather than we had today, yes the easterly wind was a little chilly in exposed areas, but out of the wind it was gorgeous.. I also hear there were a lot of other Members out enjoying the first day and John Aplin had a flick or two as well….!

Well I just had to start down on our new piece of water on the River Piddle at Southover Farm. I tied on my new grannom pattern and flicked the fly up a nice ripply run — to my complete surprise a trout rose and took the fly – my first fish of 2009 on my first cast!!

Rod Crane joined me and disappeared up to the top stretch, I continued to explore this wonderful little river finding lots of little nooks and crannies. My next fish was a lot harder to catch and it wasn’t until lunchtime that another Piddle trout took the fly.

Time now to see if the Frome trout were rising and I wasn’t disappointed – in a couple of quite corners trout & grayling were rising and took the fly with such confidence!!

A grand opening day……….