Bittersweet Autumn Day

Hi John,

I used the ticket you kindly sent me last Saturday 11th October. I was blessed with one of those brilliant but bittersweet autumn days – warm sunshine, hatching pale wateries, feeding fish but tinged with that sinking feeling that the seasons end was just around the corner.

I arrived at the water at 10:30 and found some hefty browns working the riffles below Whitfield Hatches which had been energised by the early morning warmth. Two fourteen inchers christened my latest small stream toy, a seven foot, 3wt Scott Fibertouch – a Stradivarius in fiberglass!! And so the day progressed, flies hatched, fish rose and I caught more trout including another pair of fourteen inchers on the riffles above the railway bridge at Angry Swan.

An exceptional days sport, but the best was reserved for last. A persistent riser, feeding against the pilings just below the A35 road bridge was tempted into taking, and after a frantic battle, a seventeen inch cock grayling came to hand. The markings on this fish were the most pronounced I had ever seen with dazzling vermiculations on the dorsal and pelvic fins. My cup was overflowing, and I knocked off at 16:30. And which fly did the damage? A GRHE of course!

How was Czech?

With best regards