Bloody Weather

Well it certainly isn’t beach weather, so fishing it must be!

Parked up at Whitfield to fish up to Fisherman’s Hut, the weather was intermittent showers and very strong gusty winds. But the river looked wonderful and lush after some heavy rain.

Brief Moment of Summer

Spotted a few fish rising while I was tackling, so I tied on a small hare’s lug & plover, to fish it in the surface film.

Found a rising fishing and cast my fly towards it, the wind gust and took my fly onto the bank, it was going to be a hard afternoon’s fish.

Spotted a lot of grayling above & below Whitfield Hatches and I guess the best was around 2lb!

I fished on up until I was almost at Fisherman’s Hut before my fly was taken by a 6 inch fish, at least I didn’t blank…

Close up of the trout