Blustery Day

A second day of dreadful weather for the Dorchester Show.

Parked up at Loder’s Garage – wind very strong and a very damp feel in the air. Started with a small gold head size 16 and on my second cast I had a lively trout. Wind making casting very difficult and I caught a couple more as I emerged from the tree cover. Up around the bend and now in the full force of the wind – time to move!

First Fish

Drove up to Whitfield Hatches where is was a lot more sheltered. Fish were rising to a small hatch of pale wateries, so I switched to a small GRHE. Caught fish all the way up through, although the big fish in the long pool where as awkward as ever.

The clarity of water was amazing and you could see the huge numbers of small trout, which I guess is the product of the instream hatchery. There are one or two rather nice grayling as well, maybe we will have to change the grayling fishing bounderies to include all the Club’s water.

Up to Whitfield Hatches and a good fish rolled on the edge of the pool. I switched my fly to an elk hair sedge, not that I thought the fish was taking larger flies, I just wanted a large HOOK!

Cast into the area and immediate drag on the fly, but as I started to lift off to cast again the fish moved towards it…. I cast again and the fish took the fly, it was BIG, I struck and nothing — yes I struck too soon!

Whitfield Hatches

Fished on up to above the railway bridge, but the wind above here was too strong and time to head home for a cup of tea.. A good few hours fishing, plenty of fish caught and one that got-away!