Conditions were ideal

Today the fishing was much more encouraging with quite a few rising fish especially above Loud’s Mill and up to Lubeck Way. There were Grannom on the water and a prolific hatch of a black fly which had the swallows swooping to the river surface to pick them off. The fly hatch was at its best between about 1230 and 1430 and some decent trout were beginning to show. I fished with a Grannom and this usually got some response.

Perhaps I would have done better with a Greenwell but I thought that it would be a good idea to try something else. I landed five small fish and had lots of tugs on the fly. I did get into a couple of good fish for a few seconds but as the best fish often do, they got off the hook. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable day with enough rising fish around to keep life interesting. There weather conditions were ideal with little wind and an overcast sky.