Crikey it’s cold!

Just back from a quick (crikey it’s cold) grayling fish and to try out some bugs using some new hot pink & orange tungsten beads.

Fished a couple of well known grayling runs; the first was too exposed to the elements and I quickly numb fingered headed to a sheltered spot. This was a lot better and I was soon landing a lively 12″ grayling, caught on a hot orange bug. I caught about 5 more fish and decided to try a hot pink version. This didn’t seem to interest the grayling as much as the orange one, so I switched back and caught a few more fish.

The rain was now falling and the wind had found me even in this sheltered spot, so time to head home. But hang on there was a rise, then another, I was witnessing a small hatch of olives. I tied on a dry GRHE and caught two more grayling – by now my hands were well and truly frozen, so time to head home for a hot coffee…
See you all tomorrow night at the AGM.

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008
Hook: Partridge fine wire Czech nymph size 16
Body: Light hare’s ear mix
Thorax: Dark hare’s ear mix
Head: Hot orange tungsten bead