Daffodils Flowering


You were right, the river was in good condition at the weekend, relatively clear and not too high. The temperature was up to 7oC, so my warmest outing of the grayling season. The question was, would I be able to hook up with the lady of the stream on Valentine’s Day, and would sweet corn fly Mark 2 be the one to tempt her?

Sadly the new improved, skinny sweet corn fly did not provoke any interest this time out. More appropriately for 14th February, it was pink that they wanted. My first fish of 2010 was a small grayling of about 9” soon followed by several others, the best of which fought hard in the current and measured 16”. So it was a most enjoyable trip to end my season, and for once my extremities were not at risk.

Best of all, I see there is one bunch of daffodils flowering on the verge in Martinstown, the new season cannot be far away!

Tight lines,