Deadman’s Pool

Today I had a session on the lower stretch.

I arrived at Bockhampton at about 11:15 to find a great grannom hatch in full progress. Quite a few grayling were on the move but not many trout were rising. I made my way up the river to as far as the footbridge downstream of Louds Mill.

Along the route I lost a couple of fish but nothing of any size came to my fly. After lunch, hawthorn fly started to appear in some numbers but this only tempted the odd fish to show itself on the surface. I eventually caught a trout of about 10 inches below Deadman’s Pool.

I left the water at about 1600. Some fish were still rising rather intermittently but the strengthening SW wind was making casting too much like hard work. I saw no other members which rather surprised me given that it was a Sunday and the weather in the morning was fairly good.