Defeating the Aliens

Tuesday 15 November  7:30 pm

Herrison Hall — Charlton Down — Watts Room

Speaker: Sarah Williams, DWT Dorset Wild Rivers Officer

We shall fight them on the river banks : defeating the aliens

It’s big, it’s strong, it comes from the Himalayas and it stifles any living thing within reach.  No, not the mythical yeti, but the alien plant Himalayan balsam, which is leading an invasion of Dorset’s rivers.  Dorset Wildlife Trust & Dorset Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) have launched an offensive to give this and other harmful alien plants the elbow before it is too late for native river wildlife.

‘Return of the Natives’ is a 3 year project to remove Himalayan balsam from the Frome, its tributaries and other local rivers, and to examine the extent of the threat from other alien plants.

This will be a progress report and an encouragement for anyone interested to join the battle – or is it a brush war?

Contact for info: Allan Reese 01305 269912