Duck Broken

It’s been a long winter; I fished hardly at all last season so when I found I had a few hours unexpectedly free on Saturday, I blew the spiders out of my tackle bag and headed to the river.

Yes, I know it was raining, but the fish don’t know that. There was a steady grannom hatch which was the eventual downfall of this eager stocky (JG: looks a lovely wild one to me) after about 14 casts …Fish returned, duck broken and we’re off!

He was the only one rising, so I headed home, but I stopped to have a look Southover on the way, rod in hand of course. I can’t recall ever seeing so much water in that little river. I flicked the same grannom to a wildly rising maniac just upstream of the little bridge in the middle of the meadow and over a single strand of barbed wire and was immediately connected to fish # 2 of 2014, a foot long wild nutter, unhooked and released in-stream, so no photo but great fun …

Hope to see you soon!