Early Iris

Today I fished with my good friend Glyn, it was his annual trip down to fish during the grannom season.

We started on the River Piddle and the cold wind kept the fish down, but a well placed elk hair caddis brought up a few fish, Glyn managed to winkle a good 14″ fish from amongst the trees.

The increasing wind was making casting difficult and landing the fly in the river impossible, so we decided to head to Whitfield Hatches to find some shelter.

It was certainly a lot warmer here, but with no fly hatching we fished with small nymphs and this brought us instant results with a few good grayling & trout. All was well until 14:00 when everything went dead on the main river. I crossed over to fish the Wrackle and managed a few on a  grhe, by now the wind was howling and the threat of rain was imminent, so time to head home and regroup!