Evening Rise II

After the fun of the previous evening’s fishing I could not resist another frantic 45 minutes. Again I went down to the Bockhampton stretch arriving at 2000. Nothing really happened until 2040 when the trout started to rise very strongly.

They were so intent on taking the small flies that were on the water that nothing seemed to put them off. Not even the commotion of catching and fish just a few feet away. It was a kind of duffer’s 45 minutes until the fading light made fishing just too difficult.

Towards the end the my biggest problem was to be able to see well enough to unhook the trout. I returned 5 stock fish and one wild trout. Unlike the previous evening some of the stock fish were of a good size and they appeared to be thriving after three months in the river.

One fish had a very nasty cut on its shoulder. Again the size 16 Greenwell was rarely refused.