Fished Well, BUT

Another wet mayfly annual leave as I drove to take a photograph of the swollen and coloured river. But when I arrived the river had dropped and although still very coloured you could see the gravels in 3 foot of water – fishing is on.. I dashed home to collect my tackle!!

I disappeared up onto the Cerne and this was even clearer than the main river and mayfly where already hatching… Fishing was slow to start but as the morning crept into the afternoon I was starting to catch some nice fish.

When I reached the parking spot, I bumped into Rod who was having a great mayfly season, he started using a mayfly pattern on the 7th May!

I left him to the rest of the Cerne and made my way to the Upper Water. The water here was more coloured, but this didn’t stop the fish hungrily take my artificial.

In the evening I met up with John & Elliot for a spot of weed cutting below Whitfield Hatches. During which we noticed that the river was rising and colouring up, by the time we left at 19:30 it was still rising – so not good news for tomorrow!