Flowering daffodils

I did get out after grayling on 27 February and was hoping to go take the once in four years opportunity to go again on 29th, but the weather was too good so I ended up planting onions and shallots instead.

As you said, the water was quite low and I could see the fish, and of course they could see me too. It was a while before I could get a fish to take, and definitely on the dull colours, there was no interest in shocking pink. The green shrimp and the small pheasant tail proved most effective as they have on previous occasions when the water is low or clear. I did have some shocking pink in my leader though, with a short section of bright pink and yellow braided leader acting as an indicator, very effective. It might just be visible in this shot, rod propped among the flowering daffodils on the river bank.

Another great winter’s grayling fishing, and a whole new trout season starting very soon.