Grayling Trip


I managed to slink off between 1 and 3pm today what a stunning afternoon, more like April than November without the biting easterly.

Fishing around Grey’s Bridge I had grayling and one trout on a killer bug – shouldn’t that be renamed the killer maggot ?! The river was quite low and clear with a few fish rising in most pools ranging from acrobatic parr to reasonable trout and grayling.

The best bit was walking back to my car over Stinsford side stream bridge, here the water was clearer than the main river and I could easily watch the fish ( both species ) up to 1 ½ lbs. From this vantage point you can really appreciate the beauty of the fish especially the grayling with their sail fin. The grayling were the biggest of the two species, this small shoal of 7 fish were quite happily sharing lodgings in an area no bigger than 6’ x 6’, lesson learnt- I wont dismiss the carriers again on account of their size again.

Best wishes,