Grey’s Bridge

I visited the middle stretch above Grey’s Bridge. I was on the water at 14.15 to find one or two Mayfly about and the occasional trout rising. At first sight the river appeared rather quite but the trout were very willing to take a Grey Wulff Mayfly so all in all it was an enjoyable afternoon.
Where trout were not rising, a speculative cast into a likely spot sometimes teased a fish up to the surface. Casting the fly under the river bank was particularly productive. When I left at 16.30 the Mayfly were hatching in ones or twos and trout were still moving.

I netted a fair number of fish mostly between 8 and 11 inches and I was lucky enough to land two trout of about 1lb. All the trout were carefully returned. I saw no other members on the river. I attach a photo of the middle stretch that I took today. There was a nice trout rising just below the bush.