Grey’s Bridge

I thought that you might like to know how I got on with my latest attempt at grayling fishing. I fished the middle stretch above Grey’s Bridge yesterday. It was a very mild day so I did not suffer from numb fingers that can often spoil winter fishing. As I could not think of anything better to use I fished a size 14 Damsel Fly Goldhead nymph. I also used a WF7 line with a high density sinking tip with the objective of getting my nymph to bump along the bottom where the grayling are supposed to lie.

It was not too long before I had my first winter grayling, a fish of about 12 inches but despite its modest size I was delighted to discover that grayling can be caught on something other than bait. As I continued downstream I had about 5 other pulls at my fly and perhaps if I had been more alert I would have landed a few more fish. I saw three salmon breaking the surface and there was the odd fly on the water.

Jim Chalmers Fishing Report