Guest Ticket

It was nice to see you again last Tuesday and I’m emailing to say how much Andy and I enjoyed our Guest Ticket day on the Frome. For your records I had 1 Trout and one Grayling and Andy had one Trout and also a Grayling I believe…..Interestingly (and sadly) we both hooked and lost a number of very good fish……we put it down to being new to the water !!!!

Frustrated by my lack of skill I tied on a huge Mayfly pattern (well summer is late this year!!!!!) just as an experiment, or perhaps out of desparation ….and cast at the top of a slow moving deep pool just up from the lower limit ….and bang …….a massive and explosive take almost as the fly hit the water….bent my 6’6” greys streamflex in half for about 15 seconds whilst it stripped the reel and then I lost it…….so I believe I have tangled with one of your leviathans….I know where it lies so I shall return!!!!

Thanks again for your friendly welcome and conversation and hopefully it will not be to long before I’m on the Frome again. I’d put myself on your waiting list but looking at the length of it I’ll either be dead or getting a telegram from the Queen by the time I got to the top of it!!! You’re very lucky to be able to care for, and fish, such a beautiful river.

All the very best, Kelvin