Happy Dorset Fisher

I had a couple for hours to spare on a glorious midweek afternoon and heavy rain was on the way, so I telephoned our esteemed river keeper and asked him where I might find good fishing before the weather turned. He suggested a stretch somewhere between Lower Bockhampton and Wrackleford (heh heh) so off I headed equipped with waders and a huge sense of anticipation!

Once in the river and seeing no fish rising I loaded a size 16 flashback nymph and fished a searching pattern that very soon resulted in two very feisty trout. As I always use barbless hooks both were safely released without ever leaving the water. I waded ahead & dropped my nymph in a riffle that resulted in a firm take by a wild brown trout about a pound in weight.

I subsequently hooked two large browns, one escaping at the net as it opened up the hook! As I was replacing my fly I saw a fish rise a short distance ahead, so I tied on a size 14 CDC parachute dry and on my first cast the fly was snaffled by a lovely wild brownie of about 12 ounces.

After 2 hours wading the lovely Frome and having had the privilege of acquainting myself with some beautiful fish I headed home a very happy Dorset fisher!

River Frome, Dorset