Happy New Year

A good day to tie a few flies for the coming season.

The first important hatch of the year will be the grannom and I have noticed over the years that trout very rarely take the fully hatched fly, but instead concentrate all their efforts on emerging flies.

This new pattern has all the key attributes of a good emerging fly; the body will pierce the surface, just like a Klinkhamer; a good quality hackle to make it float and it is very easy to tie! The wing has only been added so the fly is easier to spot on the water.

I tried this fly during a recent fishing trip to the River Wylye, it floats brilliantly and a grayling liked the look of it!

Hatching Grannom

Hook: de-barbed Kamasan, B100G size 14
Body: Dubbed hares fur and clipped smooth
Thread: Cream
Hackle: Whiting Golden Olive Grizzle
Wing: Grey Roman Moser Ghost Fiber