Ideal fishing

This morning’s rain, the overcast sky and light winds promised ideal fishing conditions and I was not disappointed.

I started after lunch and soon hooked the first trout on a weighted nymph. Although very few fish were rising the conditions were ideal for nymph fishing and in the course of the afternoon I netted eight trout, three of which were over 1lb. The largest was a fine fish of 1 3/4 lbs. I turned numerous others who slipped the hook after a brief tug or sometimes a bit of a tussle before they went on their way.

Fishing is a funny business. A week ago I fished with the same nymph and hooked two grayling. One was a real beauty but it slipped off as I struggled to bring it in near enough to reach with my net across the bank side vegetation. Today, I really expected to catch some grayling but instead I had a wonderful afternoon of trout fishing.

One thing that did concern me was the sight of a cormorant working the river. I also saw another or perhaps the same cormorant last week at almost the same place. One of the trout that I caught was a wonderfully spotted cock fish of about 1 1/2 lbs that had a old wound on it’s side that had all the hallmarks of a cormorant bite.

I hope that Nick A reads this because the nymph that I was using was the same pattern as the one he kindly gave me when I met him on the river a few weeks ago. Nick you were absolutely right. It is a great nymph for the Frome.