Last Gasp Trip

We did manage a last gasp trip for grayling at the end of February.  There was a chill east wind but the river was not too high and relatively clear.

We wanted to try a new spot after the opening of the upper water so tested a few likely pools at Whitfield Hatches.  It was all very quiet until suddenly when I thought I’d hooked a branch in the current it wasn’t a branch at all but a decent grayling, heading downstream very rapidly.  It was in fine form, jumping 4 times before I could finally get it to the net.  At 45cm it was a good 2lbs, so an excellent fish to close the old season.  The fly was a small pheasant tail, very often the killer pattern when the water is clear.   Now it’s time to get back to the fly tying bench for some early season patterns for use in a couple of months’ time; I expect the small ptn to be just as effective then.