Little Success

Given the ideal weather conditions I thought that it was about time I brushed the cobwebs off my rod and got out on the river. I fished the lower water in the morning and the upper water in the afternoon.

The river looked in great condition. I have never seen it so full in September. John Aplin has done a great job on the banks and it was a pleasure to stroll along the riverside paths. Despite what seemed like good conditions with a light easterly wind for easy casting, I did not find the fish to be in a very cooperative mood. During six hours on the river I only saw three fish rise and none were interested in my dry fly.

I did try fishing a goldhead pheasant tail nymph on the lower water hoping that I might interest the odd grayling as well as the trout but all to no avail. There have been no recent fishing reports from other members on the blog and I assume that not many have been out fishing or that they have had little success.