Louds Mill Fish Pass Construction

Up until the middle of the week the programme was running to schedule with the concreting of the walls complete and all the formwork removed.

Dawnus were then due to install the formwork for the concrete slope that the fish pass will sit on and pour the concrete. However the severe rainfall and associated high river levels have meant that access to the site for the last 2 days has been restricted to foot traffic (and this has been difficult), therefore this work has had to postponed until the river levels drop (expected to be next week, given current weather forecasts).

On Tuesday we went and inspected the fish pass at the fabricators in Melksham. The construction of the fish pass tray, baffles and the welding work is of excellent standard and we are satisfied with the quality of the work that they have produced. The attached pictures show the whole fish pass and a close up of the front baffles which are the most critical to its performance (yes, it is as big as it looks).

Report by
Andy Martin
Fisheries Technical Specialist
Environment Agency