Louds Mill Fish Pass Construction

Finally the work to build the Loud’s Mill Fish Pass has started:- here’s a short update from the EA.

“The construction works for the fish pass at Louds Mill weir started yesterday, with the work scheduled to be completed in 9 weeks. This week will see the site being set up and they are due to start breaking into the left hand concrete abutment next week, this will be done in the dry.

The design of the scheme will see a lot less in-river works than last year so there should be considerably less disturbance to the channel.

The contractors are fully aware of the sensitive nature of the area. They are happy for people to observe the work going on, but have understandably asked that their site boundaries are respected. I will arrange some formal site visits for us all once the significant construction stages are reached.”

Report by
Andy Martin
Fisheries Technical Specialist
Environment Agency