I fished the Bockhampton stretch yesterday (30 April).

I was on the water before 09:00 and slowly worked my way up to the footbridge below Loud’s Mill. There were quite a few Grannom fluttering above the river and dipping the water surface which I assume to be egg laying. Very few trout were rising and throughout the morning I only saw about 4 fish rising very infrequently.

As the dry fly was offering very little in the way of sport I changed to fishing a pheasant tail nymph. This did produce some takes mainly from grayling most of which I missed but nevertheless it added some interest to the morning.

On the way back to my car at Bockhampton bridge I stopped to admire one of the new riffles when a magnificent large brown Mayfly emerged from one of the back eddies. I cannot ever remember seeing a Mayfly in April in my many years of fishing the Frome.

Jim Chalmers (Hon.Treas)

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9am Saturday 12th May
Whitfield Hatches
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