Late Sunday afternoon John Aplin calls to say the mayfly were pouring off and trout feeding, so my planned relaxing evening was quickly cancelled! I parked at the top of our water and noticed the Hon.Sec car so was already fishing, no worries there is plenty of water so I started tackling up. Only to be disturbed by the sound of vehicles ploughing through the ford. It appears that the whole of Dorset’s 4×4 Club where having fun driving backwards and forwards through the river, the latter now was completely filthy – time to head to a new location.

I decided to fish a carrier that hasn’t looked good in the recent years, but after all the rain was again looking like old times. In through the gate and fish where already crashing about grabbing mayfly duns & spinners. It took a couple of changes of mayfly patterns before a fish grabbed the fly and for next hour I was transported back to when this little carrier was at it’s peak. Fish ranging from 8 inches to healthy looking 14 inch fish, all great fun in such confined quarters. I did have one huge head suck in my fly ‘God Save the Queen’ and struck, but only pricked the fish! As in the last few previous seasons, I was also covered with hatching Caenis!!

By 8pm the action died away as the air cooled – thank you John for calling and thank you Dorset 4X4 Club for such a special evening.. I hope the Hon.Sec evening wasn’t spoilt by filthy water?

PS> I don’t know if there is really a Dorset 4×4 Club, but there was a lot of them!