Mayfly has been spectacular


Mayfly has been spectacular, with some really good fish about. For once I’ve had a bit of time to enjoy it and have had some really good sessions. Evenings now particularly good – I took the attached video clip last night of the spinners just as they were starting to fall on the water – I didn’t have time to record what happened after that! There was nobody else around on the lower water and it was the same on Friday evening – do they know what they are missing?! ( or if it’s better elsewhere it must be really good ).

Made only one visit to the Piddle during Mayfly so far on quite a cold evening so not great but did pick up several in that nice piece through the trees at the top. Pic attached of one of the better ones, really pretty fish. I haven’t managed to find any of the legendary big ones down there yet – has anyone else?

Richard M.

River Piddle Brown Trout