Mayfly – Upper Water

Hi John

Just wanted to report a cracking afternoon on Monday. I spent a few hours fishing the upper water with my father, who’s relatively new to the fly fishing game. After a drizzly first half, we spotted a good rise to Mayflies just upstream of the railway bridge, in a secluded pool; the fish rose to the artificial with a great twist of its amber flank, the rod bent double, and promptly went slack again. Curses.

But at about 3pm the rain died off and the Mayfly started hatching in earnest. We spent a good 90 minutes casting to great, boiling rises in a single slow bend, and managed a few trout each, including two stockies – possibly introduced by my own hand just a few weeks earlier! French Partridge and emerging Grey Wulff patterns were doing the business. So whatever the weather, take a sick day if you have to, and get on the water!

Paul Machin