Merry dance

The breeze was of such strength this afternoon that I sought the sanctuary of the willows, where thankfully there was decent shelter. Only a sprinkling of mayfly coming off but enough to be able pick off some decent trout all the way up through.

Stock fish sprinkled with a few wild ones and all in really good condition. It is pleasing to finally see the weed growing on the shallows where until a few weeks ago there was none.

Unusually I caught what looked like one of this year’s stock fish a long way from the stocking, so he must have travelled quite a way, including a weir ( unless he came all the way down from above, but I doubt it ). Capped off the afternoon with this nice wild one further up – the net’s 15 inches so she’s a bit more than that. Led me a merry dance in what is quite a shallow part of the river, much to the amusement of some nearby dog walkers.