Micro Tag

Monitoring Loud’s Mill Fish Pass

Since the fish pass was finished at Loud’s Mill Gauging Weir the Environment Agency has been monitoring how well fish have been using it. One part of this work has involved the capture and tagging of brown trout from above the weir and stocking them below. This was done in mid March and we have since been monitoring these fish as they ascend the fish pass.

If you decide to take a fish home you may find a tag (see picture below) in the belly of the fish.

If you are able it would be most useful if the tag was returned to us, at the following address, along with the date and exact location of the fish’s capture. This will enable us to fully understand the fate of those fish we tagged as part of this study.

Andy Martin, Environment Agency, Rivers House, Sunrise Business Park, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 8ST