Mohican Mayfly

Conditions have been rather challenging over the last couple of sessions so I have been fishing the side streams. The main river on the bank holiday weekend trip was very coloured but slightly less so on the carrier where a steady stream of mayfly encouraged a reasonable rise of fish throughout the afternoon and evening and produced around half a dozen fish with a few over the pound, all on mayfly. Last weekend’s trip was greeted with even muddier water and this time the side stream wasn’t much better with sparse mayfly and very little fish activity compared to the previous weekend.

Despite a few missed takes on the dry and the odd fish lost on nymphs, not a single trout was landed all afternoon until the early evening when, for a short time, quite large numbers of spinners returned to the river. The very occasional fish was seen rising and eventually I hooked one which after quite a prolonged fight, with a couple of aerial displays thrown in for good measure, was safely in the net; a nice 17” wild brownie of around 2¼ lbs. I returned to the main river where I managed to loose another reasonably-sized fish plus a couple of smaller ones. I was using my favourite pattern, the Mohican mayfly. I hope we have a dry spell soon!


River Frome Brown Trout