Nights Drawing in!

Got down to Whitfield Hatches at around 7:30, still early and the only thing that was moving were few minnows rising.

The river looks really good and the weed growth is certainly keeping the water levels up. Shame about the amount of Himalayan Balsam, we were hoping to get a grant from the EA to rip it up, but it never materialised.

Blue Damsel Fly

Up on the long pool and a few fish starting to show, Brian came along hoping to fish the pool, so he headed upstream of the hatches.

The fish in the pool went down, so I move up and found a cloud of BWO’s just above the fast water and a few fishing feeding on the spent spinners. I caught four fish, two of 10-12 inches and lost another from one tiny little pool.

Time now 8:50 and I walked down to the railway bridge to fish back up, fish moving well now and I caught a wonder 12+ wild trout. My next cast was taken by a much larger fish and one that almost took me to Poole Harbour before it came off – humph

Carried on up catching some nice fish and even a couple of minnows! Back to the long pool and a nice brown and two small fish just as Brian remerged from the gloom.

Next stop the Ponds & Lakes Society picnic on Thursday.