Out of the shadows

Hi John

Had a couple of hours on the lower water on Monday morning, and also found the fishing difficult, although the weather was OK and the river valley looked beautiful.

One tiny trout was enthusiastic enough early on, and I hoped for some larger ones to follow, but it was tough going after that with not a sign of a rise anywhere. I considered making my way home, but then spotted a decent looking fish moving out of the shadows and I assumed I’d spooked it. The trout moved upstream but still in view, tempting me to have a last go at it. It took the fly immediately and stuck fast. Thrashing angrily to the net it turned out to be a lovely fish of pleasing proportions, and in excellent condition, and after a quick photo I slipped it back.

Out of the shadows
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008

Great to be out on the river again after such a dismal summer, but I’m afraid my rod average will be well down this season.

All the best
Will Bown