Proposed New Housing Development

Yes when I first heard the Duchy were planning to develop the Red Cow Farm, St. George’s Road I was not surprised, but I was very worried on how it would affect the River. So yesterday John Aplin and I attended a public consultation exhibition to chat with the landscape architect.

First sight of the plans and what a relief, the field next to the river will be used for extra allotments and by extending Lubbecke Way to join St. Georges Road will be the main route to the tip and industrial estates. (map of the area)

We then discussed with the Duchy of Cornwall representative & their landscape architect on how we could improve this length of the river. It was a very productive hour and it was agreed (EA permission required) to add a couple of riffles and to re-profile the banks, just as we did on the Lower Water. Plus to convert the existing cattle drink into a children’s dipping pool!

What a great result for the Club and for the River – more I’m sure to follow on this.

Also received a few more photographs on the fish pass development at Loud’s Mill….